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Resonate Church Discipleship Process

Resonate Church takes seriously the call of Jesus to make disciples. In fact, the health of this church is dependent on making disciples now that will lead and make disciples themselves in the very near future. We view discipleship as a maturing process much like that of human development. New babies have a lot of needs and require more input. Children have the basics figured out and now they need to learn what to do with it all, where they fit into the big picture and what they're made for. Young Adults are beginning to experiment with and implement what they know and are actively engaged in the lives of infants and children. Adults constantly have others in mind and are seeking the maturation of others younger than themselves.

The material and resources below are designed to be used in personal ongoing discipleship relationships to help guide followers of Jesus in every stage along the way.

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Resonate Church Discipleship Process

Stage 1 - Infant

Stage 2 - Child

Huddle Material

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