Resonate Church

Exploring God is Better in Community.

Freedom Lives in Your Ethos. You Live in Your Ethos.

Ethos groups are intended to be the place where there are no secrets.
They are relationships where you feel safe, feel exposed, and feel comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This is that place, with those people, who love you enough to challenge you, who love you enough to fight for your walk with Christ, and who love you enough to refuse to let you grow indifferent. These two or three people are your friends, your brothers, your sisters, your life-line. They are the ones who have the keys to your house....emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Ethos groups have no structure, no leader, no handouts. They are simply conversations, prayer, tears, and truth. They meet regularly. They meet for healing. Accountability is not easy, and being so honest it hurts is never fun, but it is always freeing.

At Resonate Church we want to be a people free from secret sins, free from troubled histories and free from those things that hinder our journey with Jesus. Freedom lives in your ethos. You live in your ethos.

For more details and information about Ethos groups check out this PDF.

Also, here are some discussion questions that can help get your groups started.